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Hi there! So I'm a Junior at my school and I'm trying to look ahead career wise and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to break into the fashion industry and make the necessary connections. Thanks :)
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Hi there :)
Yes- my suggestion is to just start connecting. It’s all about who you know. Create your own opportunities and start looking for mutually beneficial work situations. For example- I wanted to beef up my styling portfolio. So I contacted an aspiring model, a photographer looking to break into the fashion industry, a MUA and Hair stylist looking for more exposure, and I bought the clothes to style. Credit everyone involved and stay in touch for future opportunities. For my internships through the apparel mart and fashion shows, I applied for the Apparel Mart internship online. Internships here fill up about a year in advanced so keep that in mind as you pursue them. Through my internship, my boss introduced me to other people in the industry and my network and opportunities grew. With that, I updated my LinkedIn and continued to meet people. LinkedIn is actually where I found my current job :)

So basically always create opportunities for yourself. Know how to market yourself and don’t sell yourself short. Turn your school work into portfolio pieces. Always network with people and express the fact that you are looking for new opportunities. Always surf around for internship opportunities and apply early. If there is somewhere in particular you would like to intern but you don’t see that they have an intern program, contact them anyway. Express your interest in their company and WHY.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions :)

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Please support my childhood friend (Girlscouts troup 5262, holla!) and AMAZINGLY talented model Margaux (www.margauxbrooke.tumblr.com)
as she compete’s on Oxygen’s new hit show, The Face!

What is The Face?
" “The Face,” hosted by photographer Nigel Barker, features supermodel coaches Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, and Coco Rocha as they compete to find the face of ULTA Beauty, one of the fastest growing beauty retailers in the United States.  The series will give viewers access inside the world of the industry as three teams of aspiring models, each led by one of the supermodel coaches, are guided through real life assignments, including photo shoots and commercials." - The Face website

Not only is Margaux’s team #TeamCoco in the lead currently with 56%, but she is also kickin’ butt and takin’ names as the current Fan Favorite!

You can vote for her here every week after the episode airs on Tuesdays 9/8c

Good luck girl, I’m rooting for you and voting for you! xo

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Some of the displays I’ve worked on at Pier 1 :) I apologize for the cell phone quality pics and tight angles. Customers were shopping while I was trying to do all this :P

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I’ve been so busy lately, especially with the store remodeling at my work! I’ve uploaded a few images from a past photo shoot. I promise to upload a few from my Visual Merchandising job soon! :)

A model and friend (AND former girl scout troop-mate… if that’s a word hah!) made the cut and is on The Face! She’s awesome, talented, and also has her own fashion and modeling blog. She’s super successful and I know she’ll do great on the show! I’ll give her a shout out on here later! xo

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Part of a shoot from 2012 :)

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Part of a shoot from 2012 :) Modern day pin up?

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Part of a shoot from 2012 :) Model is itty bitty so the belt sits a little lower than intended

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Before work today so I had to wear all black :) I was going for dolly eyes.

Edit: changed my URL obviously so the watermark is rather silly

Because I haven’t posted in awhile… Why not reblog a selfie from my secondary blog?

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With my recent move, I am now in an area that is not prominent in the fashion industry so my opportunities will be a little more limited for now. I plan to move back to the city within a year. Sometimes we need a little break in life. With my recent graduation, this move to a relaxing location is exactly what I want :)

I currently am working part time retail at an AMAZING company that I absolutely love! Everyone is extremely nice and fun, the customers are great, and I love the merchandise. I am guilty of spending my paycheck at the store :<

So what’s in store for me in the fashion world? I am currently looking for free lance opportunities online in addition to building my styling portfolio by taking selfies :) Un-fashion related, I am looking to join a ZTA Alumnae group. I would love to become an adviser.

I have a secondary blog that is not meant for professional purposes and also contains/will contain selfies, so if you are interested in the link for that send me an ask! I will warn you, I post a lot of “cute things” that are Japan related!

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Hi, I know this is part of your portfolio but as another fashion student, I am now looking into internships. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on finding them. My biggest problem at the moment is trying to find them in the Midwest because I would like to stay in the Midwest for a while longer rather than moving to one of the coasts.
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Hey there :) I’m so sorry for the delay! I have been quite busy. Landing positions is mostly done by being persistent, but it also has partly to do with luck. I was always in good standing with my department. My employer messaged local colleges and asked the department heads if they had any recommended students as they needed an intern ASAP. My teacher recommended me, I went in for an interview, and I landed the spot! From there, my boss recommended me to other people and I started networking. I highly suggest you set up a LinkedIn if you havn’t already. StyleCareers is also a good place to source for jobs. I like using ModelMayhem for styling opportunities. Keep your eye out for local fashion shows and entertainment events. Attend them and then just start networking! Best of luck to you :)

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I had the amazing opportunity to be a production assistant for 12 fashion shows for the Jasmine Bridal showroom. The show featured their prom line. I also dressed showroom models in bridal gowns per buyers’ requests. Working with these bright fun colors and fabrics was a treat! :)

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I previously posted about my internship at the modeling and talent agency here.
Here were a few of my surroundings! I blurred out the agents’ names to respect their privacy. If you do your homework, you can probably figure out who haha. There were SO many more posters. Basically whenever a talent books something major they sign and write their age on the movie poster! Here were a few of the big names. You can also kind of see the modeling wall full of comp cards in one of pics too! And of course I included a goofy pic of me playing front desk receptionist!